I hereby voluntarily agree and consent   Spectrum Marine and Ship Management Inc. (SMSMI), a Manning Agency, for itself or/and for its Principal, to collect, use and disclose my Personal, Medical and Bank information, documents, identification, photo(s) and video(s), including the details of my legal beneficiaries, dependents, and allottee(s) as defined in Republic Act 10173 – Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations for the purposes of my Seafarer’s Application, Deployment Processing and Employment to any SMSMI Principal and Vessel of any Flag (Domestic or Foreign);

I further understand, agree and consent Spectrum Marine and Ship Management Inc., to retain these sensitive personal information and documents (soft and hard copies) for the above-mentioned purposes even I am on vacation and/or I am no longer their active seafarer;

Finally, I agree with Spectrum Marine and Ship Management Inc. to dispose/destroy these data as per SMSMI’s Records Control and as per Section 27 of RA 10173 of Data Privacy Act of 2012;